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The big idea of energy transfer is the idea of a source of energy being changed into another form of energy such as light energy to heat energy. This effect happens in global warming where chemical energy is transferred into heat energy with a greenhouse effect.

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energy transfer for green house effect is when the sun produces heat which is then turned into light by primary consumers

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when energy is transeferd through and from objects. This process could change variables in an objects such as; temperature, speed, weight, duration, ect., dpending on what the objects are.

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From one energy to another.

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Q: Describe the greenhouse effect using the big idea of energy transfer?
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Earth's atmosphere traps energy from the sun which?

Causes the greenhouse effect.

How can the greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases cause problems with earths energy budget?

Earth's energy budget has been balanced for thousands of years. The natural greenhouse effect allows enough heat in and out of the atmosphere to keep it warm enough for life. Additional greenhouse gases, which we are now adding to the atmosphere and causing problems with the budget and the earth is warming up. This warming is causing climate change.

What is the word equation for the greenhouse effect?

Word Equation for greenhouse is Glucose + Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide + Water (+energy released). Since the greenhouse effect is actually a result of multiple gases the word equation includes the most popular.

What is the natural greenhouse effect in the earth's atmosphere and how humans might be contributing to its effect?

Natural greenhouse effect is good because it keeps the Earth warm and habitable using natural greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Although when there is a "build-up" of these gases, the sun's energy (from sunlight) is trapped between the atmosphere and Earth's surface allowing energy to enter but making it extremely difficult to get out. Thus resulting in a warmer than normal Earth.

What is the cause effect and solution of the greenhouse effect?

Normal greenhouse effect:The cause of the normal greenhouse effect is the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that capture the sun's heat as it radiates back out from the earth.The effect of the normal greenhouse effect is to keep the earth warm enough for life.We do not need a solution for the normal greenhouse effect because it is not a problem for us.Enhanced greenhouse effect:The cause of the enhanced greenhouse effect is the extra greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide and methane, that we have been adding to the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution, mostly by burning coal, oil and natural gas. Deforestation means that less carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere.The effect of the enhanced greenhouse effect is to make the atmosphere warmer, all over the world - global warming.The solution for the enhanced greenhouse effect is for the whole world to use renewable energy sources for industry, transport and electricity, so we can stop burning fossil fuels. If the world plants more forests the trees will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. If we improve our agricultural practices we can reduce the amount of methane put into the atmosphere.

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The trapping of heat by a planet's atmosphere is called what?

it allows solar radiation to penetrate to the surface!

What type of energy drives the greenhouse effect?

Heat energy drives greenhouse effect. Huge amount of heat energy is trapped at a surface.

What effect does the greenhouse effect have on business?

It save energy

Why is it important for us to have a greenhouse effect on earth?

The greenhouse effect is what keeps the heat in after the light energy is converted to heat energy. If we did not have a greenhouse effect, life would no longer exist since the entire earth would be below freezing.

What absorbs energy that is radiation from earths surface?

the greenhouse effect!

What traps the energy near the earth's surface?

Greenhouse Effect

What happens as a result of the greenhouse effect?

We stay warm and survive. The greenhouse effect works like this. We get light energy from the sun. When that light energy hits the earth's surface, it turns into heat energy. The earth then heats up the atmosphere and the "greenhouse gases" hold this heat in keeping us warm. If not for the greenhouse effect, the earth's temperature would be about -160o C.

What is the source of energy in the greenhouse effect?

The Sun is the source of energy. Heat from the sun radiates up from the surface of the earth and warms the greenhouse gases.

How will solar energy effect our world?

solar energy will effect our world because it will stop the greenhouse effect from growing -SmartyPants411-Did you also know painting your roof white will reduce greenhouse effect??? If everyone in the U.S. painted their roof white, greenhouse effect would be reduced enough to take back all emissions done in 2008.

Earth's atmosphere traps energy from the sun which?

Causes the greenhouse effect.

The phenomenon of the atmosphere trapping the suns energy is known as?

the greenhouse effect

Earth's atmosphere trapping thermal energy radiated by the sun?

Greenhouse effect