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yes, some people do.

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Q: Do people still ice scate on the mes river?
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Did cavmen ice scate on frozen lakes?

yes they used dino claws and tied them to their feet

When was River of Ice created?

River of Ice was created in 1940.

Which is an ice fed river?

The water coming into the river is not from a smaller river, it is from melting ice.

What is the English word for a river of ice?

There is no English word for a river of ice.

What is slow moving river of ice definition?

A "slow moving river of ice" is a glacier. A slow moving chunk of ice floating down a river is a "floe".

What is a US river that starts with a I?

Ice River

what agent of erosion is a river of ice flowing slowly through high altitude valleys?

A river of ice is a glacier.

Is river water hard water?

Nope, unless it's a river of ice, because hard water is ice.

What is a large wide river of ice?

A ice hockey pitch!

Why do people still believe the Antarctic is losing ice mass?

Loss of ice in Antarctica is measured and published, and the facts support that Antarctica is losing ice mass.

A river of ice is called?

a glacier == ==

Is the ice bucket challenge over?

There are still some people that are doing the ice bucket challenge for ALS. It is not as popular as it was 2 weeks ago.