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Q: Do sendimentary rocks have many layers?
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Metamorphic rocks that don't have layers?

Sedimentary rocks have layers, not metamorphic rocks.

What kind of rocks do not have layers?

Igneous rocks, non-foliated metamorphic rocks, and evaporites do not have layers.

What are foliated metamorphic rocks?

Foliated rocks have layers in them. We often refer to the layers as Banding.

What are the layers found in sedimentary rocks called?

The layers in sedimentary rocks are called strata.

Sedimentary rocks?

Sedimentary rocks are formed by the accumulation of sediments.

What types of rocks ared often arranged in layers?

Sedimentary rocks are the type of rocks that are mostly arranged in layers. The way in which the layers are arranged is commonly called bedding.

How were rocks used in the building of some types of castle?

Two layers of rocks (gaps in rocks filled with mortar) and earth in between the two layers of rocks.

Why can you see layers in foliated rocks but not in nonfoliated rocks?

Because layers from foliated rocks came from the same direction and nonfoliated rocks came from several directions

Does marble rocks have layers or not?

Marble rocks do not have layer.

How many layers of the Jupiter and there name?

There are six layers on Jupiter and their names are: core, crust, rocks, cormasphere, mega scope, and likomock.

What rocks form from layers of materials that settle and are cemented together by pressure?

Rocks formed from layers of materials that settle and get cemented together are Sedimentary Rocks.

What are the characteristics of foliated and non-foliated metamorphic rocks?

Foliated rocks are metamorphic rocks that look like they have layers or the appearance of layers. Non-foliated rocks are metamorphic rocks without any foliation.