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no because they are not high enough

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Q: Do stratus clouds contain ice particles?
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What is a nimbo stratus?

Nimbostratus clouds are dark, low-level clouds that are accompanied by falling precipitation. Low clouds are primarily composed of water droplets, or when cold enough, these clouds may also contain ice particles and snow.

Why do clouds contain ice particles?

Clouds that are very high up, where it is very cold, are made up of ice crystals. For example, a cirrus cloud.

Which type of following clouds are high feathery clouds made of ice?


Clouds that form in layers?

Layered clouds, cirrocumulus clouds, are high level clouds. They form above 20,000 feet where it is cold. They are composed of ice crystals.

Which type of following cloud are high feathery clouds made of ice crystals?


What does stratus mean?

Stratus or "blanket" clouds are usually low, featureless clouds that obscure all or part of the sun and sky. Higher altitude types are "altostratus" and "cirrostratus", which are formed from ice crystals.

What are high clouds made of ice crystals is called?


What is name is given to low altitude winter clouds?

mistFoganother name for it is fogFog.Fogvery low clouds are called stratus clouds ;PFogfogits called fog...mist, fogFOG

What are stratus cloud made of?

Water vapour - just like all clouds !

Which clouds are very high and made ice particles?


Is this a true statement clouds are large quantities of liquid water droplets?

Mostly, but clouds also contain dust particles and bits and pieces of ice, depending on how high they are. It is widely accepted that clouds are made of water droplets and water vapor

What cloud does rain form in?

Rain falls primarily from cumulus, stratocumulus and stratus clouds. When cirrus clouds precipitate, they normally produce ice crystals.