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I think that humans can hear low frequencies the best because they travel farther and the wave form is wider. High frequencies break up easily against walls and buildings. Think about a loud car stereo on your street.

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Q: Do you think humans hear low frequency medium frequency or high frequency tones the best?
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Can the ear distinguish two pure tones having the same frequency and amplitude?

No, the ear cannot distinguish two pure tones having the same frequency and amplitude.

What is the theory of hearing that the rate of auditory nerve impulses matches the frequency of tones?

Frequency Theory

What is the tone of a single frequency called?

Sounds consist of fundemental tones and overtones. A single frequency is a fundemental tone.

What is basses?

if you mean bass its a big fish tat lives in fresh water mainly rivers i think

Why can't adults hear high frequency ring tones?

Bacause they can't

Why can't adults hear high frequency ring-tones?

because their ears are more developed.

Does a High pitched sound has a high number of partial tones?

Not neccessarily, pitch depends on the fundamental frequency. The number of partial tones is independent from fundamental frequency, and, roughly speaking, determines the timbre of the sound (through variables like spectral balance, for example).

What did Hubble do with the Doppler Effect?

he used it to find out the diffetrent tones and frequency in things that pas by like a train horn first its at a high frequency then into a low fruequency

How do you convert tones to cubic meter natural gas?

The tone, or frequency of sound depends on the density of the medium that it is travelling through. Without information about the composition of the natural gas, it temperature and pressure, it is not possible to work out its density and so the tone of sounds propagating through it.

Which signaling method carries tones in the same voice frequency and circuit of a telephone call?

in-band signaling

Can a cockatiel understand humans?

They don't understand words, but they are familiar and respond to tones.

What is dual-tone multi-frequency dialling?

Dual-tone multi-frequency dialing refers to the fact that when a non-rotary phone dials, it sends two tones at the same time. When these tones are put together, a distinct sound is created, which is recognized by the switch at your phone service provider.