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Q: Does Connecticut suffer from acid rain?
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Did acid rain fallen in Connecticut?

Yes it hased.

Why don't the countries that cause the most acid rain always suffer the the most damage?

It is because of wind. When it rains does it only effect one area? No, the cloud can shift and move somewhere else. This is the same thing with acid rain. It goes into a cloud and whenever that cloud drops rain it drops the "acid".

Conclusion of acid rain?

Acid rain is acid rain.

What is rain acid?

rain with acid

Is acid rain rain with acid?

Yes, Acid rain is rain with higher than normal levels of nitric and sulfuric acid.

Different types of acid rain?

carbonic acid rain and sulfuric acid rain

Is rain a type of acid?

Only acid rain, normal rain does not contain acid.

How can rain be acid rain?

by sulfuric acid

Does acid have rain it?

no, the acid haven't rain it

Is acid the same thing as rainwater?

well you can have acid rain but not all rain is acid rain

Is acid rain a natural pollutant?

no, not really. acid rain has pollutants in it, but acid rain itself is not a pollutant

How does acid rain effect stone?

Acid rain can dissolve stones.