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no no no

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Q: Does Indiana have any mountain tranges plains or plateaus?
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Which has a higher elevation-plains or plateaus?


Which has higher elevations plains or plateaus?


Which has a higher elevation plains or plateaus?


What has a higher elevation plains or plateaus?

plateaus by twana

What are the activities taking place in mountains plains and plateaus?

There are little animals around. Also, there are lots of mountain climbers.

What is the difference between plains and plateaus?

Like plateaus, plains are broad and flat. Unlike plateaus, plains are lower than their surroundings. That is how plains and plateaus are alike and different. By Kameelah Williams, age 10 resource Houghton Mifflin Science book page C7, School Samuel T. Busansky Elementry School.

Do plains or plateaus cover the middle of the US?

Plains, like the great plains.

How are plateaus differ from plains?

Plateaus are uplands with relatively flat\table-like tops, while plains are flat areas on lowlands.

Why do you think most of Colorados farms are on its plains and plateaus?

The answer is the soil on plains and plateaus provide their crops with rich soiling grounds for them to grow.

What are plains and plateaus?

plains are high and plataues are flat area of land

Is the middle of the US an area of many plains or many plateaus?


What are the eight major landforms in the US?

Appalachian, Coastal Plains, Interior Highlands, interior plains, intermontane plateaus & Basin, Pacific Mountain &Valley System , Rocky Mountains, And Superior Uplands