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sulfur dioxide is fairy reactive in air, it reacts with water in the air to form sulfurous acid, which is acid rain, SO2(g) + H2O(l) H2SO3(aq). Acid rain pretty much kills plants.

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It really doesn't

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Q: Does Nitrogen oxide pollute the atmosphere?
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Does nos pollute the air?

I theorize that since oxygen and nitrogen are both present in the atmosphere, there must be nitrous oxide in the air already. Therefore, I conclude that N2O will not have negative affects on the atmosphere.

Do burning fuels add nitrogen to the atmosphere?

Yes, burning fossil fuel adds nitrogen, in the form of nitric oxide, to the atmosphere.

The effects of lighting to nitrogen in the atmosphere?

Lightning helps in the production of a form of nitrogen. Lightning causes oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere to chemically react to combine and form nitrogen oxide, a key ingredient in many fertilizers.

Neutral oxide of nitrogen?

NO is the simplest oxide of nitrogen.

What human activities release sulphur dioxide ,carbon monoxide and oxide of nitrogen to the atmosphere?

Burning of fossil

What are the most common gasses?

Nitrogen, Oxygen,Hydrogen, and Carbon Di-oxide are the common Gases in the Atmosphere.

Name the compound NO?

It is the molecular compound Nitric Oxide (not Nitrous Oxide)

What is the difference between nitrogen oxide and nitrogen monoxide?

Nitrogen has many oxides like Nitrogen dioxide, Nitrous oxide, etc. Nitrogen monoxide refers to a single compound with formula NO. Whereas Nitrogen oxide can refer any higher or lower oxide of nitrogen. It can refer to Nitrous oxide, Nitric oxide, Dinitrogen trioxide, etc.

Does nitrogen pollute the air?

Nitrogen is a normal component (about 80%) of the air you breathe. It is inert under most circumstances (excluding deep sea work where nitrogen narcosis or Rapture of the Deeps, might occur) When there is too much nitrogen in the air, it is usually looked at as too little oxygen. Though nitrogen is a naturally occurring in air, nitrogen oxide, which is mainly produced by road traffic. In excess it is known to give rise to acid rain. The main affect of NO2 in air is that it contributes to the formation of photochemical smog. It can also cause respiratory problems because it causes inflammation of the lining of the lungs and reduce immunity to lung infections

When sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide combine with water in the atmosphere form what?

Sulfuric acid and nitric acid are obtained.

Nitric oxide has what in it?

Nitrogen oxide is composed of the elements, nitrogen and oxygen.

What is the chemical formula of nitrogen IV oxide?

Nitrogen dioxide NO2 Nitrogen(IV) oxide