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Diamonds come from the heat and pressure exerted on carbon for a long period of time. So diamonds come from carbon

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Q: Does diamond come from sedimentary rock?
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Is a diamond a sedimentary rock or a metamorphic rock?

Diamond is an allotrope of carbon, a mineral, not a rock, and is not classified as a type of rock.

What sedimentary rock come from?

You answer it.

How long does it take for a diamond to become a sedimentary rock?

Although diamonds could become part of a formation of conglomerate, which is a sedimentary rock, diamond cannot become a rock because diamond is a mineral, whereas a rock has to be composed of two or more minerals.

When heat and pressure is applied to sedimentary rock it changes into what?


Can sedimentary rocks come from other sedimentary rocks?

Yes. Sedimentary rock can weather and form the material for new sedimentary rock.

What kind of rock is a diamond a metamorphic rock an igneous rock or a sedimentary rock?

Diamond is a mineral formed from the element carbon, and is not considered a rock by the classifications in the query.

What era does sedimentary rock come from?

Sedimentary rock was, and is, being formed in all geologic eras.

Is a diamond sedimentary rock?

No. By definition, sedimentary rock is formed on the earth's surface and in bodies of water. Diamonds are formed far below the earth's surface and are erupted to the surface by way of volcanic pipes.

What sedimentary rock does does slate come from?


How does the igneous rock change into a sedimentary?

the igneous rock breaks into sediments(pieces) and then they come together and from a sedimentary rock or they heat up and change

Where does a sedimentary rock come from?

Sedimentary rocks come from the weathering and erosion of other rocks or from the precipitation in an aqueous solution.

Where does sedimentary rock chalk form?

they come from the sky

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