Does it rain lots in Thailand?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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there is a rainy season in Thailand. it rains alot in the the rainy season, it even floods.

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Q: Does it rain lots in Thailand?
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What caused the Thailand flood in 2011?

People cut down the trees, so when it rains in the North of Thailand, there are no trees to get the rain water or block the rain water.

What are the cultural resources of Thailand?

Lots of rice

How does the temperature and rain help Thailand?

it helps for the fish

What are the names of the rain forests in Thailand?

Two main rain forests can be found Thailand. They are named Khao Sok National Park and Khao Yai National Park.

Why would you be likely to sweat a lot in the rain forests of Thailand?

Because of the humidity in the rain forests.

How much rainfall does Thailand get?

Thailand gets about 700 inches of rain each year.

What are the main imports of Thailand?

Bananas and lots of electronics.

What region of Thailand gets the most rain?

Southern Thailand receives more rain then Northern Thailand. The west part of Southern Thailand receives it's rainy season from April-October, while on the other hand, the East coast of Thailand has it's wet season from September-December. If you're going to Thailand, have a nice vacation, because it's a really beautiful country!

Who invented first artificial rain?

His Majesty the King of Thailand

How does the weather in England compare to Thailand?

The weather in England has seasons just like America does. Thailand is hotter and has more rain. Thailand is located by the equator. This location makes Thailand a more tropical country.

Does Japan get rain?

japan gets lots of rain

How much rain does england get a year?

A lot. Lots and lots and lots.