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Solar radiation is what keeps the entire planet warm.

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Q: Does solar radiation keep the earth's lower atmosphere warm?
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How does solar radiation leave earths atmosphere?

It is radiated by many of the gases in the lower atmosphere.

What heats earths atmosphere?

The sun heats the atmosphere. Solar radiation largely passes through the atmosphere and warms the surface of the earth. The earth then radiates heat up into the lower levels of the atmosphere where greenhouse gases warm. The warmed greenhouse gases then continue to radiate heat in all directions warming the atmosphere and again the earth's surface.

How does volcanic ash in earths atmosphere effect solar radiation?

It increases the amount of solar radiation that reflect into space

What three gasses present in Earths atmosphere absorb solar radiation?

Carbon dioxideMethaneNitrous Oxide

The lower atmosphere is directly warmed by?

By the emission of the terrestrial radiation. Terrestrial radiation is emitted in the infrared long-wavelength part of the spectrum. It is terrestrial radiation rather than solar radiation that directly warms the lower atmosphere.

Why is earths magnetic field impotant?

The earth's magnetic field is important in that it prevents the sun's solar radiation from killing life on earth by wiping out the earth's atmosphere and deflecting dangerous radiation.

Is the earths atmosphere heated by solar energy?


Which layer of the atmosphere does not absorb solar radiation?

Troposphere does not absorb solar radiation. All other layers do not absorb.

What is the term for solar radiation that reaches the earth's surface?

The solar radiation that reaches the earths surface from the sun is called INSOLATION

How radiation from the sun penetrates the atmosphere by heating the air?

Solar radiation penetrates most of the atmosphere and is mostly absorbed by earth's surface. The surface then radiates energy of a different wavelength (in the thermal infrared part of the spectrum, which we perceive as heat) back to the atmosphere, heating the lower atmosphere.

How much solar energy is reflected by the atmosphere and earth's surface?

About 6% of incoming solar radiation is reflected back into space from the atmosphere and 4% by the surface of the earth.Incoming solar radiation: 100%Reflected by the atmosphere: 6% : Absorbed by the atmosphere: 16%Continuing incoming solar radiation: 78%Reflected by clouds: 20% : Absorbed by clouds: 3%Continuing incoming solar radiation: 55%Reflected by the earth's surface: 4% : Absorbed by the earth's surface (lands and oceans): 51%

When solar radiation is trapped by the atmosphere?

Swamp gas