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Does the color of light effect how well plants grow?

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Yes, certain colors stimulate growth in plants. Blue stimulates stalk and leaf growth, and red stimulate flower growth.

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Q: Does the color of light used on plants effect how well they grow?
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What color light do plants best grow in?

Red color of light

Which color of light makes plants grow faster?

its the color of a pencil

How does color effect the growth of plants?

No, color does not effect the growth of plants. If the plant is yellow, it will grow fine. Now, if the plant is brown, that could mean it is dead.

Under which color light will plants grow fastest?

Blue and purple light.

What does chlorophyll's color have to do with the kind of light that plants grow best in?


Why does the color of a light affect a plants growth or does it?

The color of a light does affect a plants growth. Plants absorb certain colors of light better than others, and, essentially, the more light a plant can absorb, the more it can grow.

What kind of color light plants mostly use to grow?

pink and violet

What color light grows herbs?

plants dont really need what kind of color light as long as it is exposed in the sun the plant will surely grow healthy and vigorously. no plants that i know need color light just to grow they all need the suns light no other than.

Photosynthiesis effect on the growth of plants in light or dark?

photosynthesis is the process by which plants harness the suns light to produce energy so they can grow.

Why are some plants that grow in hot places light in color?

The sun beats down on them.

Does the color of light used on plants affect how well they grow?

Yes, the color of the light will effect how the plant grows. If you put sa plants under a U.V light and the light color is red the plants will grow better than the U. V lgith color that is black.

Can a bean grow with different color light?

Beans can grow with restricted light spectrum. Green plants grow best in blue and red light. Green and yellow light is not absorbed by the green plant but reflected.