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All metals form basic oxides and hydroxides

All the elements... well, that's a long list. Just look for the metals. They ALL form basic oxides and hydroxides.

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Q: Elements in the preodic table which forms a basic oxide?
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Is oxide basic?

The oxide ion itself is basic, but oxides of various elements may be acidic, basic, or amphoteric.

Is barium nitrite basic acidic?

barium oxide is basic oxide.As Barium is a metal so metal forms basic oxide.

Which group 5A element forms the most basic oxide?

Bi, Bismuth forms the most basic oxide in group 5A because it has the most metallic character.

How does an oxygen becomes an oxide ion?

Reacting with another elements oxygen forms oxides.

Name an amphoteric oxide reduced by the basic gas?

It may be water H2O which forms NH4OH with basic gas NH3.

How does an oxygen atom become an oxide ion?

Reacting with another elements oxygen forms oxides.

List the chemical elements in Portland Cement?

Basic chemical elements in Portland Cement are calcium, silicon, aluminum and iron oxide.....

Is potassium oxide is a metal or nonmetal?

No potassium OXIDE is not: IT IS A METAL. IT IS A METAL.And it is not a NONmetal either.Potassium OXIDE K2O is a basic oxide: with water it forms (only) potassium hydroxide, KOHPotassium (elemental) is a alkali metal

Is lithium oxide an acid?

Lithium oxide forms Lithium hydroxide when added to water, which is alkaline, so Lithium oxide is basic.

Is magnesium oxide an acidic oxide?

No,it is not acidic.It is a basic oxide.

What is an alkaline earth?

An alkaline earth is an oxide of the elements of group II of the periodic table - not as basic as the alkalis and not so soluble in water.

What are the elements found in ferrous oxide?

The elements found in ferrous oxide are iron (Fe) and oxygen (O).