How KO2 is used to mountaineers for breathing in water?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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KO2 is potassium superoxide. It reacts with carbon dioxide to form potassium carbonate and oxygen. This reaction makes the potassium superoxide useful in a self-contained breathing devise. It can be used my mountaineers, divers, or anyone who needs or wants to breath under water. The amount of oxygen the devise would make would vary based on how much K02 is available.

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Q: How KO2 is used to mountaineers for breathing in water?
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What is a formula for potassium?


What is the oxidation state of NA in NA2O2 and K in KO2?

The principal oxidation state of NA in NA2O2 and K in KO2 is +1

How many moles of O2 are produced when 0.400 mol of KO2 reacts in this fashion?

The thermal decomposition reaction is:2 KO2------------K2O2 + O20,2 moles of O2 are produced from o,4 moles KO2.

How many O2 molecules are produced per milligram of KO2 consumed 323.2 grams are consumed of KO2. The equation is 4KO2 2CO2 -- 2K2CO3 3O2?

323.2 grams of KO2 is equal to 4.55 moles of KO2. Per the equation, 3.4125 moles of O2 is produced which is equal to 2.055 E24 molecules of oxygen. This means that every mg of KO2 produces 6.36 E18 molecules of O2.

What is oxidation number for o in Ko2?


What is the chemical formula of potassium super oxide?

It is KO2 .

What is the chemical symbol for superoxide?

KO2, [O2-] being the superoxide anion.

What is the chemical formula of ionic compound potassium oxide?

Three potassium oxides are known: K2O, KO2, K2O2.

What is the equation for potassium and oxygen react to form potassium oxide?

K + o2 = ko2

How many grams of KO2 are needed to form 8.5 grams of O2?

You would need 18 grams to get the requirement. Using a chemical equation can help to solve this for you.

Why is KO2 formed when you add K to O wasn't it supposed to be K2O?

when k(potassium)added too(oxygen),it forms ko2(potassium oxide)because one molecule of k is reacted with o which contians always two molecules that means o+o=o2,therefore k+o=ko2 not k2o and there is one more reason that when one metal react with oxygen it forms oxides that is O2

Which formula represents a peroxide a k2o b k2o2 c ko2 dcao e ca2o2?