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Typically a big dump truck with a plow in the front goes around and pushes the snow off of the roads. they also have salt in the back to pour onto the roads so they wont ice over.

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Q: How are roads cleaned after it snows?
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Why salt is sprinkled on roads when it snows?

salt melts all ice thus clearing the roads for transport

Will the mail run when it snows?

The mail will run when it snows unless there is so much snow that roads are completely blocked and impassable.

Why do the roads get so icy?

it rains or snows then either one freezes over

Why do roads turn white after it snows even though there isn't any snow on the roads any more?

The salt turns them white.

What were the Victorian children who cleaned roads called?

road sweepers

What are details of the winter?

It is cold, it snows, the roads ice over. Remember: don't eat yellow snow! :)

How do snowstorms affect the earth?

When it snows, roads get slicker, everywhere that snows is colders, plants will not live through the snow. sometimes schools and businesses will be closed due to too many inches of snow.

What jobs did Italian immigrant children have?

farming , industries , machinery , cleaned roads

Why do they put salt on the road before its snows?

Salt lowers the freezing point of water, so the roads won't freeze over.

Why are the roads most slippery when it first rains or snows?

some times because there is oil on the road from cars driving on them and when it gets wet it becomes slippery.

What jobs did the Italian immigrants have when they came to the US?

Built roads, cleaned streets and laid bricks for tenement buildings.

What is the science of salting and sanding roads?

I believe what you are asking is why they salt and/or sand roads. The answer to this, is when it snows, rains, sleets or hails badly, the road becomes slick, so the salt/sand is meant to make it a bit rougher, so the cars don't skid.

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