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Uranium, boron and hydrogen are chemical elements. Salt (sodium chloride, Na Cl) is a chemical compound.

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Q: How are uranium salt boron and hydrogen related?
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What does not belong and why uranium salt boron hydrogen?

Uranium, boron, hydrogen are chemical elements. Salt (NaCl) is a chemical compound.

Which does not belong uranium salt boron or hydogen?

Salt, because it's a compound. Uranium, boron, and hydrogen are elements.

Which one does not belong uranium salt boron hydrogen?


What word doesn't belong uranium salt boron hydrogen?

Salt, because is a chemical compound - NaCl; uranium, boron, hydrogen are chemical elements.

Which one doesn't belong uranium salt boron or hydrogen?

- Uranium, boron and hydrogen are chemical elements. - A salt is a chemical compound (contain two or more elements).

What word does not belong in the group with the other words uranium salt boron hydrogen?

First of all, don't ask us the questions in your homework. Secondly, you should be able to tell which three are elements and which is a compound. If not, you probably shouldn't be taking a chemistry class.

Why does uranium isotope radiation turn salt orange?

If you think to table salt, radiations from uranium haven't an influence.

What is uranium salt example of uraniun salt?

Some uranium salts: uranyl nitrate, uranyl acetate, uranyl sulphate, uranium tetrachloride, uranium hexafluoride, uranium iodide, uranium tetrafluoride, uranyl phosphate, uranyl carbonate, and many others.

Is hydrogen a salt?

Hydrogen (H) is a chemical element, a gas, not a salt.

What is borate?

a salt in which the anion contains both boron and oxygen

What is the name of this compound 4NaB4O7?

something to do with salt, boron and oxygen.

What is the proper chemistry terminology for a state where uranium wants to stay in solution?

Soluble uranium salt in solution

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