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by reusing them you will be recycleing the water, and so you would be using less water..

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Q: How can reusing rinse water from dishes and laundry can reduce the use of energy and cut down pollution?
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Would you save more energy recycling or reusing a plastic bag?

Reusing. Recycling uses a lot of energy.

How does recycling and reusing reduce pollution?

The benefits of recycling is that it helps there to be less fossil fuels and green house gases.There is also less energy used to produce new products.

Is solar power reducing reusing and recycling?

Yes it is. It is reducing the need for electricity, reusing the sun's energy and recycling in as well.

What is recylinghow does recycling help conserve energy?

recycling is reusing and it conserves energy by not putting it into a dump..

What programs of reducing reusing and recycling support nuclear energy?


Which isn't renewable source of energy?

Energy from Fossil Fuels is not renewable. Save them by Recycling, Reusing and Reducing!

What is the pollution for solar energy?

There is no actual pollution from solar energy - apart from the pollution caused in the manufacture of the solar panels.

Is energy loss a pollution?

every energy thats lost creates pollution as all the energy is not utilized...

Why is recycling something better than reusing it?

Reusing something is not sending it to some company, but to find a way to reuse it yourself, at home, or at work!When something is recycled, energy is required to manufacture a new product from the used one. If it can be reused, no additional energy is expended.

Why is geothermal energy pollution free?

yes it is pollution free

How does laundry realese CO2?

Laundry requires energy, energy generation usually releases CO2 to the atmosphere.Additionally, production of detergents also results in CO2 emissions.

Why does solar energy not have pollution?

Actually solar energy systems do generate pollution, but the vast majority of that pollution is generated during manufacture not use. This makes containing and limiting the pollution much easier. After approximately 3 months of use, the renewable energy produced by the panels has compensated for the initial pollution. Then the panels produce free, clean, renewable energy with no carbon dioxide pollution.