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Wood is renewable if it comes from sustainable forests, that is, if trees are planted and grow as fast as they are cut down and burnt for energy. Trees, especially in tropical rainforests are often hundreds of years old. When we destroy these the chances of them regrowing are very small. This is why we can describe wood as a non-renewable resource.

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Q: How can wood be described as nonrenewable?
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two are wood and oil.

What 2 nonrenewable resource's?

two are wood and oil.

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is it water

What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable timber?

you got renewable and its trees and then nonrenewable is that fake wood like yellawood

Is wood renewable or nonrenewable?

renewable Wood is renewable because you can plant more trees to grow more trees for wood.

What nonrenewable energy source?

nonrenewable energy sources are sources that are depleted sources as fossil fuels (wood, coal, natural gas, and oil)

Is paper a renewable or nonrenewable?

Paper is a product made of wood. Paper isn't a resource in and of itself, but the wood which its made from is, and it is renewable.

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Wood: Renewable resource Coal: Nonrenewable resource Paper: Nonrenewablle resource wood coal paper: I do not suppose that exists. 8-/

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A table is renewable. If it is made out of wood, metal and or even plastic it can often be recycled.

Why can wood be described as renewable?

Because you can grow more of it.

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== == It is nonrenewable. ---- ----