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Q: How can you sequence day and night?
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How often does the sequence of day and night repeat?

It depends where you are on the planet. For most of the planet the day-night sequence is repeated every 24 hours. However at the poles the day night sequence is repeated only once every year.

Can you give me a sentence for sequence?

can you give me the a sentence for sequence There was a sequence of events that occurred last night. There was alot of sequence on the dress you was wearing

Hand held flares are type approved for what condition or time?

Day or Night

When was Day Night Day Night created?

Day Night Day Night was created on 2006-05-25.

What is one effect of Earth's rotation?

Some of the effects of Earth's rotation are:* Sunrise and sunset * Similarly, the Moon and the stars also rise and set * The Coriolis effect * The movement of the Focault pendulum

What is the duration of Day Night Day Night?

A day is 12 hoursA night is 12 hours

What is the answer to the analogy night is to day as nocturnal is to what?

Night is to day as nocturnal is to diurnal

What song has a sequence?

One song that has a sequence is 'Silent Night." At the part, "All is calm, all is bright," "All is calm" represents the pattern, and "All is bright" is the sequence. The sequence copies the pattern, but higher or lower than the pattern.

When do you get day and night?

When it is light it is day and when it is dark it is night.

Are gorillas more active day or night?

yes it is night active.

Explain day and night?

day is cooler night is dark

How does the sun have night and day?

The Sun does not experience night and day.