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According to the TV show Manswers, your core body temperature would have to be below 28 degrees Fahrenheit for your balls to literally freeze off. See link to video clip.

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Q: How cold does it have to be for literal freezing off of balls?
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What does fell off the earth mean?

Dropped out of sight-slang. In literature, it's literal, when they thought Earth was flat for example.

What happens when rain lands on surfaces that are at or below the freezing temperature.?

The water freezes before it can run off causing an ice coating.

Is freezing an exorthermic reaction?

The freezing of ice is an exothermic reaction because while the water freezes it gathers "cold" and it liberates or releases heat. Enabling the water to freeze. Heat always flows from hot objects to cooler ones until everything is the same temperature.

Why do lightning rods have glass balls?

The main purpose of these glass balls is to provide evidence of a lightning strike by shattering or falling off. If after a storm a ball is discovered missing or broken, the property owner should then check the building, rod, and grounding wire for damage.

What causes rain clouds storms and snow?

Ice storms are basically a big freezing rain storm. As freezing rain begins to fall it forms coats of ice on the objects that it falls upon. The ice starts to accumulate and soon the weight of the ice upon tree branches, power lines, etc., becomes too much and they start to break. But how come the precipitation isn't just snow, or just rain? Freezing rain only occurs in certain weather conditions. For freezing rain to occur there must be close to 100% humidity, with upward moving air to keep it that way. Also there must be three layers of air: one cold layer, near the surface of the Earth. One warm layer just above that. And one more cold layer, at the top, where the precipitation starts. It starts out as snow in the first cold layer, as it falls it hits the warm layer and melts into rain. It continues to fall and when it reaches the 2nd cold layer it starts to cool off again. It probably won't have time to freeze again before it hits the ground or an object, so when it hits an something that is 32°F or less, it freezes instantly. That is how freezing rain is formed.

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Is there anyway that snowfall could make some sort of Styrofoam balls that are extremely small I havent seen them at anytime until after this recent snow fall The snow is melted and they appeared?

I believe what you are describing is a form of freezing rain. You can find them just about anywhere. This occurs when a droplet of rain or snow hits a cold surface, freezing rain can break branches off of trees etc. I believe what you are describing is a form of freezing rain. You can find them just about anywhere. This occurs when a droplet of rain or snow hits a cold surface, freezing rain can break branches off of trees etc.

What was the historical climate in Alexander Hamilton's time?

cold enough to freeze your balls off

What is the literal meaning of fly off the handle?

The LITERAL meaning is that you are on a handle and you fly off it.

What is the origin of cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey?

In the old days when ships had cannons on board, the cannon balls would be kept on a brass plate with indentations in it to rest the lead cannon balls in. They would be then piled up in a pyramid on this plate, the plate was called a brass monkey. When it got really cold the plate would contract at a different rate to the balls and they would fall off. Hence the phrase - "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey". The above appears to be an erroneous answer. These links should help:

Does freezing off a blister hurt?

No, freezing off a blister does not hurt and it will just take a second.

Your Acer is freezing when you turn it on how do you stop it from freezing?

Turn it off then turn it off to temporarily unfreeze it.

How temperature effects squash balls?

The warmer squash balls get, the bouncier they are. you can't play using a cold ball because it won't bounce off the walls and floor very high or well.

What nuclear weapons were used in cold war?

No Nuclear weapons were used during the cold war. The cold war was a stand off between soviet Russia and America, where they treated either with a lot of suspicion and distrust. However, it was not a 'War' in the literal sense of the word.

Why your refrigerator freezing in the botton part and freezing your product like milk and vegetable?

Maybe it is set too cold try turning the temp control back a bit. Or listen to the refrigerator does it ever turn its self off, or is it running all the time?? If it is running all the time then it is getting too cold and freezing the food - this means it might need a new thermostat (temp control)

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It depends were your going. If your going somewhere cold then no, don't spend your birthday freezing your but off. but if it's warm and sunny, why not? Go to a beach and celebrate!

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yeah if you cut off your balls

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