How common is sulfur in nature?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sulfur is commonly found in volcanoes

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Q: How common is sulfur in nature?
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What is the nature of sulfur?

Sulfur is an element.

How sulfur dioxide destroy the ecological balance of nature?

how sulfur dioxide destroy the ecological balance of nature

Is sulfur stiff or bendable?

Sulfur has many forms.The most common form found in nature is yelloworthorhombic α-sulfur, this is a hard brittle material."Plastic sulfur "is a mixture of long chain polymeric sulfur forms, which is flexible.There are also gaseous forms. At high pressure it may even be metallic.

Is sulfur abundant in nature?

sulfur is roughly as abundant in the earth's crust as carbon. sulfur is abundant and widely distributed in nature, occurring in element for as yellow crystal, in the sulfide.

Does sulfur become radioactive?

Ordinary sulfur found in nature is stable, but there are synthetic isotopes of all elements, including sulfur.

What is a common object of sulfur?

tires have some sulfur in them

Who isolated sulfur?

Sulfur exists in nature in uncombined form, so no one needed to isolate it.

What element can be found as a yellow solid in nature and is used to making sulfuric acid?


Which element would be most common in the universe sulfur or thorium?

Sulfur is of course more common.

What are some interesting facts about sulfur?

sulfur is a pale yellow nonmetallic element occurring widely in nature

In what form is sulfur found in nature?

Sulfur is found in nature as pure element (S) - solid or in colloidal solutions, as gas (H2S) and is also present in many minerals.

What do sulfur and sulfuric acid have in common?

They both contain the element Sulfur