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pretty dangerous; the earthquake in Haiti 2009 was a 7.7 magnetude quake, and that was powerful enough to destroy thousands of homes; so they can be life threatening.

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Q: How dangerous can an earthquake get?
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Why is it dangerous after a earthquake?

there is an after shock

Why are after shocks dangerous to buildings after an earthquake?

since they are dangerous like you

What is more dangerous an earthquake on land or a tsunami caused by an earthquake?

a tsunami

Is NJ dangerous?

There is a big earthquake.

Was the most dangerous earthquake in the US?

the most dangerous place is california

Why is an earthquake in the ocean more dangerous than one on land?

An earthquake in the ocean is dangerous than on land because in the ocean if it occurs it can generate an earthquake which can cause more destruction than an earthaquake on land

Is an earthquake the most dangerous attack of all time?

It is very dangerous but a flood is an dangerous attack as well as a hurricane.

What type of earthquake is dangerous tectonic or volcanic?


What is more dangerous a tsunami or earthquake?

Earthquake itself is not dangerous if you know how to response. as long as you are on the right place, for example on an open place or inside seismic resistant buildings, etc you will be fine. Many people killed during earthquake because of panic and do wrong thing. tsunami triggered by underwater earthquake and off course more more more dangerous than earthquake. for example if there is no tsunami in sendai, miyagi, iwate area (march 11, 2011) the people killed will be not so significant. tsunami is the most dangerous natural disaster in the world.

How bad is the tsunami and earthquake in japan?

the tsunami was caused by an underwater earthquake and it was an 8.9 which is very dangerous and bad

Why are aftershocks dangerous to buildings after a large earthquake?

Sometimes, buildings weakened by an earthquake, then it would collapse during a aftershock.

How does moon shadow view the demons after the earthquake?

He views them as dangerous