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Volcanic eruptions

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Q: How did early Earth become supplied with water?
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From where is wholesome water required to be supplied?

Distributing pipe

What did water vapor condense to early in earth's history?


What was responsible for supplying the early earth from water?

Volcanic eruptions (apex)

What happened to the water vapor in the atmosphere when the early Earth cooled?

As the earth cooled, water vapour in the atmosphere condensed to a liquid (water) and fell to the earth as rain the make the oceans.

When does surface water become ground water?

When the ground water flow out of the earth surface as a form of spring.

When does ground water become surface water?

When the ground water flow out of the earth surface as a form of spring.

What are four elements of early apostolic preaching?

earth, air, fire, water

Is when water is supplied to land by artificial means such as man-made canals?

When water is supplied by artificial means it is called irrigation.

Is drinking water supplied to all citizens suitable for human consumption?

If it supplied "for drinking" then the citizen of any country would have obvious legal redress if the water thus supplied proven to be unfit to drink. However in some countries the supplied tap water is NOT advertised as "fit for drinking" and needs to be boiled. In this instance the water supplied to citizens would not be suitable for human consumption.

What happens when water drops become large?

they fall back to Earth

How is water supplied to your homes?

It is supplied, under pressure, through a system of underground pipes.

How water shape the earth?

Water shapes the earth by erosion. Erosion is when water loosens up the soil and causes it to become loose and separates from river banks and from the sides of mountains.