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100 students were stranded at Tewkesbury high school and boats had to bring them fishfingers

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Q: How did the tewkesbury floods affect the local people?
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Why did so few people die in tewskbury floods June 2007?

Reasonable warning (at least some hours) of the likely flood gave the people of Tewkesbury time to prepare and move or sandbag as necessary, though many homes were flooded, and some people still haven't been able to move back into their homes because of damp problems. The two people in Tewkesbury died actually after the flood had somewhat subsided. They were a father and son, stalwarts of the local football club, who were trying to pump out the cellar of the club with a petrol-driven pump. They were overcome by fumes from the faulty pump. (Answer by a resident of Gloucester, near Tewkesbury)

What was the effects in the flood in tewkesbury 2007?

The flood in Tewkesbury in 2007 had significant effects on the town. Homes and businesses were extensively damaged, residents had to be evacuated, and there was a disruption of essential services such as water and power supply. The flood also had a negative impact on the local economy, with businesses suffering losses and ongoing recovery efforts.

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