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make people more depend on water/sea food

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Q: How do landforms in Hawaii affect people?
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How do landforms affect how people live?

landforms control the weather of a region

How does landforms affect the way people live?

Doobly doo

How does the geography and landforms affect how people live in Chile?

it gives them jobs

In what ways did glaciers affect landforms in new york?

it did nothing to affect landforms

Are there any famous landforms in the ocean?


How does geomorphology affect people?

Geomorphology is a science (the study of the evolution and configuration of landforms) and as such it does not affect people in general, only those who study it.

How do you think physical features affect how people moved to where they settled in Africa?

because of landforms

How do Earth's landforms affect Earth's water supply?

because of people big heads

How do the landforms affect the plants and animals in the grasslands?

landforms are sexy

How do landforms of Belgium affect people?

natural barriers. it COULD affect their resource (depending on what resource) sorry, not much info :(

How does weathering affect people in Hawaii?

I think weather affects people in Hawaii by making them happy because the weather is warm.

How do landforms effect life on Earths?

landforms affect our settlements and our culture.