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Convection currents happen in the mantle because of heat. This allows molten rock to flow toward the crust, as opposed to away from it.

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Q: How does convectinal currents occur in the mantle?
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Where in the earth do convection currents occur?

Convection currents take place in the mantle.

Where in the structure of the earth do convection currents occur?

The mantle.

In which layer do convection currents causing sea floor spreading occur?


What are the names of the region in earth's interior where convection currents occur?

The middle of the mantle.

What layer of Earth can you find convection currents?

Convection currents occur in the mantle of the earth. They can affect the crust and the life above it, though.

What geological events occur because of covection currents in earths mantle?


Which layer of the Earth do Covection Currents occur in?

The major ones involve the mantle and the oceanic crust.

Which statement best explains how convection currents can occur in earths mantle?

Earth's rotation causes mantle convention. But you already knew that! :P

How does convection current occur in the mantle?

radioactive decay takes place, which produces lot of heat and causes the mantle to flow in convection currents veena

Which of earth layers do convection currents occur?

in the mantle due to the molten rock... hope this helps!!! =] also for better detail they happen in the asthenospheric mantle to

Where do convection currents flow in Earth?

Convection currents are found in the plastic mantle in Earth.

Where do convection currents happen?

Convection currents occur in any fluid in which there is a temperature differance. Most convection currents occur in the mantle, the layer of semi-liquid rock below the crust. These currents are the reason behind plate tectonics.