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Q: How does energy drive the interaction between and among the earth's components?
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What is the difference between nuclear energy and thermal energy?

Thermal energy is the kinetic energy of the particles, while nuclear energy is the bond energy within the nucleus from strong interaction and weak interaction.

The portion of the atmosphere that has very little interaction between the air molecules and the energy from the sun is the?

mesosphere .

What portion of the atmosphere has very little interaction between the air molecules and energy from the sun?


What is the energy exchange between space the atmosphere and earths surface produce?

weather and climate

Which of earths sphere includes the oceans ground water lakes and glaciers?

The energy exchanges between space , the atmosphere, and earths surface produce

what Using the ecological pyramid, explain how animals we think of pests (e.g. mosquitoes) are important to an ecosystem.?

By now, you have learned that there is a lot of interaction between all the components of an ecosystem. However, did you know that we can represent this relationship between the energy and biomass of organisms through a simple diagram? An Ecological pyramid shows precisely this relationship in a diagrammatic format. The predictable changes that are seen in organisms are shown by ecological succession.

How are the four components of the earths systems connected?

How are the four component systems of the earth system connected? The four components of the earth system, the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere, are connected through energy flows and matter cycling, driven by energy from the sun. Internal heat energy does contribute to the formation of some landforms, including volcanoes, but its effect is minimal compared to that of the sun.

What is the primary energy source that drives Earths water cycle between the atmosphere oceans and land?


A delay between earths absorption of solar energy and an increase in temperature makes the warmest part of the day?


A delay between Earths absorption of solar energy and an increase in temperature makes the warmest part of a day?


What is energy from heat in earths interior?

Geothermal Energy

How is earth atmosphere warmed evenly?

Energy is transferred between the earths surface and the atmosphere via conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction is the process by which heat energy is transmitted through contact with neighboring molecules.