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Lightning follows the easiest path to discharge its energy. Ionized air during a storm causes the lightning to seek that quickest path. A lightning rod's sole purpose is to attract any lightning in the presence of ionized air to come toward the rod. So for example, lightning will seek the closest metal or tall object (including humans).

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Q: How does lightning pass through a lightning rod to the ground?
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When lightning hits a lightning rod where does the lightning go?

The ground

How do you protect buildings from lightning?

By getting it to strike something else instead. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning Rod to do this. It diverts the lightning to the earth through a good metal conductor when placed higher than the house and planted in the earth/ground.

What a lightning rod?

A lightning rod is a metal rod placed in various structures to prevent lightning from striking them. It attracts the lightning to itself, and it is channeled into the ground.

What a lightning rob does?

It is called a lightning rod and it protects buildings from lightning by guiding the lightning into the ground.

What metal is a lightning rod made of?

Any metal that will conduct electricity. Steel works fine, since it is strong. A ground rod driven into the ground and connected to the lightning rod with a wire or cable. The ground rod is usually copper clad (or plated) steel.

When lightning strikes a lightning rod Where is the last place the charge flows?

A lightning rod is grounded, meaning it connects to the ground, and the ground is the last place the charge flows to. It is absorbed into the planet Earth.

What happens if the lightning strikes at cow dung?

As cow dung is bad conductor of heat, lightning will not pass through cow dung and changes into a iron rod

How tall is a lightning rod?

it doesn't have a fixed length, as long as a rod is "grounded" connected to the ground by a heavy duty wire, it's a lightning rod. . .

What impact did the invention of lightning rod have on society?

The lightning rod enabled people to have a system that prevented their house from being struck by lightning. It is a metal rod that prevented lightning from striking. Instead of striking the target it bounced off the rod and into the ground.

How do lightning rod protect building from lightning?

The main way a lightning rod protects a building is by being higher than any other part of the building it maintains a cone of uncharged air over the building. This uncharged air cannot become charged when a thunderstorm passes over as the charges are continuously discharged through the ground wire from the rod to ground. As no charges can be built up within this cone, lightning cannot enter this cone to strike the building. The second way a lightning rod protects a building is that any lightning directly above the building can only strike the tip of the lightning rod itself. The current will then be forced to follow the ground wire from the rod to ground, bypassing the building. However as this current can be in the megaampere range it is necessary to have the complete lightning rod system inspected after any such strike to be sure that parts have not been melted and that the lightning rod is still protecting the building!

How do lighting rod work?

The lightning strikes the rod and the rod safely directs the lightning to the ground to keep the house safe.Otherwise,the lightning would discharge onto the roof and likely cause a fire.

How lighting rod prevent lighting from causing house to catch on fire?

The electricity from lightning will follow a wire from the lightning rod to the ground.