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They react violently with water forming hydroxides. This process cleaves the O-H bond of water and releases energy as it is an exothermic reaction.

You usually think of water as a fire extinguisher. This is true but only for combustion reactions that require oxygen to combust. When water participates in the reaction, this doesn't hold up and energy is released.

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Q: How does magnesium and sodium burn underwater?
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What metal burns quickly underwater?

Magnesium burns well underwater. Anything will burn underwater if it has a proper amount of oxidizing material.

How does the Olympic torch go underwater?

When the Olympic torch is carried underwater, a magnesium torch is used, since it can burn even under water.

Does magnesium burn in the air?

yes it is used in many fireworks. Also burns underwater. Google the 1955 LeMans disaster

What is made by reacting magnesium and sodium carbonate?

Mixture of sodium carbonate and magnesium

What is the reaction equation for magnesium chloride an sodium carbonate?

MgCI+ NaC ------> MgC + NaCI Magnesium chloride + Sodium carbinate ------> Magnesium carbonate + Sodium chloride.

Is magnesium more reactive than sodium?

sodium is more reactive than magnesium!

Is Sodium is more reactive than magnesium.?

sodium is more reactive than magnesium!

Are sodium and magnesium in the same group?

Sodium: Group 1 Magnesium: Group 2

Magnesium sulphate plus sodium carbonate equals?

Magnesium carbonate and sodium sulphate.

If you burn magnesium what does it turn in to?

magnesium oxide

Does sunflower seeds contain magnesium or sodium?

Sunflower seeds contain both magnesium and sodium.

Displacement reaction of sodium and magnesium?

Compare the reactions with water of the elements sodium and magnesium