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human and pollutions do not effect the tides, the tides effect pollution okay

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Q: How does pollution and humans affect tides?
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In what ways do humans affect ecosystems?

we affect the ecosystem by pollution

How do humans activities affect the status of our environment?

By a pollution...

How does water effects humans?

"Polluttion" does not exist but pollution definitely does affect humans.

What are some sources of pollution where you liveand how does pollution affect humans animals and plants?

Some of the sources of pollution where I live include industrial effluents into rivers, noise pollution from industries, and air pollution from paper manufacturing companies, and each negatively affect humans, animals, and plants.

What can affect the Earth's oceans?

There are many ways, but the main reason is pollution.

Causes and effect of land pollution?

They affect wildlife, animal and humans. Pollution can be the end of the world as we know it.

Do humans have effects on the Siberian tiger's habitat?

yes. obviously. humans affect all environments by pollution.

How do humans affect tropical rainforests?

Humans affect rainforests whenever they take natural resources from them, such as trees. They also contribute to the pollution worldwide, which affects all areas, including rainforests.

Does pollution affect aardvarks?

yes because it affects animals like it does to humans

Do changing tides affect the phases of the moon?

No, the moon affects the tides, but the tides do not affect the moon.

How do humans affect the environment by pollution or recycling?

By producing green house Gases , polythenes

How does wind surfing affect tides?

The sport of wind surfing does not affect tides.