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People can start eating plants. For example: Bamboo.

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Q: How does world hunger effect the environment?
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How does an earthquake impact the cultural environment?

It can effect the environment because of property and hunger

Did The World Trade Center effect the Environment?


How the effect on energy losses on the environment?

world of warcraft

Can conflict effect world hunger?

Yes because people can fight over not having food.

What best describes both the positive and negative effects of industrialized farming?

Answer this question… It can help battle world hunger but relies on insecticides that can harm the environment.

What is setting of environment in hunger games?

I beleive that it is in the forest

How does DNA fingerprinting effect the environment?

It has an effect on the environment because crimes are in the environment so

What is the largest effect on how humans interact with the environment?

Perhaps the major effect that humans have on the environment is the pollution of the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases in this pollution are causing temperature rises all over the world.

Does world hunger effect transportation?

Yes. People need to people send people food who go through disasters and war.

How does using solar energy effect the environment?

It can effect the world in various different ways. It can kill plants, however it is helpful to the plants.

Where can one find statistics on world hunger?

There are several online websites that provide statistics about world hunger. World Hunger, Move for Hunger, Feed One and Stop the Hunger are online sources where one could find these statistics.

When was World Hunger Year created?

World Hunger Year was created in 1975.