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Within 10 miles of the parent thunderstorm

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Q: How far from a storm can lightning strike?
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How far from the heavy rain of a thunderstorm can lightning strike?

Lightning can strike up to 30 miles from the parent storm cell, though such cases are rare.

How far can lightning travel?

Lightning can strike up to 10 miles from it's parent storm cloud.

How do you calculate how far a storm is away?

After you here thunder every 6 seconds until the next lightning strike it is a mile.

Does lightning strike without a storm?

Sort of. Lighting can strike up to 30 miles from the storm that produces it. So lighting can strike even if there isn't a storm at your location, but there still has to be a storm somewhere.

Can you fly a kite during a storm?

because lightning will strike it

Why are lightning conductors fixed to tall buildings?

Probably a Lightning Conductor. They say , in a Bad Storm, lightning will strike the Tallest building first. Cheers.

How far from heavy rain of a thunderstorm can lightning strike?

Lightning can strike up to 30 miles from a thunderstorm, though such instances are rare.

Can lighting come out before rain?

Yes, lightning can strike several miles from a parent storm.

What is the shape of a lightning strike?

it mostly goes in zig-zag but it all depends on how stormy the storm is at the moment

How do storm cloud s contribute to create a perfect situation for a lightinhg strike?

If they are charged oppositely from the ground below them, then they are likely to cause a lightning strike

How do you tell how far away a storm is?

To tell how far away a storm is note the seconds between the appearance of lightning and the sound of thunder. Every second between lightning and thunder represents one mile.

Is there danger from lightning if it is not raining?

Yes. Some thunderstorms have a rain free area where there is still a chance of cloud to ground lightning. Additionally, lightning and strike miles away from the storm the produces it.