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AnswerAccording to the USGS, the plates along the San Andrea fault move about 1.7in per year.
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Q: How fast does the San Andreas fault move each year?
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Why do so many earthquakes happen along the san Andreas fault?

The San Andreas fault is a fault line. This is a line between two tectonic plates. When they move, they rub together and cause earthquakes.

How was San Andreas Fault formed?

Scientists believe that the San Andreas Fault formed due to plate tectonics. This is phenomenon where plates move along the earth causing cracks and earthquakes to form.

What type of boundary is called when two tectonic plates move side by side?

I believe it is called a fault, like the San Andreas fault in California.

What kind of fault makes rocks move past each other?

Transform fault

How does plate tectonics affect California?

Much of California is laying on top of the San Andreas fault. For this reason, California tends to have frequent earthquakes as the adjoining plates move beside each other.

How does strike slip fault move?

move sideways past each other

Why are the pacific plates and the antarctic plates moving away from each other?

Because over time plate tectonics move apart. they either move apart, collide, or slide against each other. it's like the San Andreas fault those plates are moving away from each other.

What plate boundaries caused the San Andreas fault to move?

A transform boundary between the North American and Pacific plates.

What fault is it where rocks on either side of the fault move sideways past each other?


How does a strike-slip fault move?

move sideways past each other

What is a strike-slip fault system?

A Strike Slip fault is where the two sides of the fault move past each other horizontally.

What type of rock is san andreas fault?

It is not any particular rock type, it is a fault or crack along which rocks move. It cuts through different rock formations of various types.

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