How is soil important?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Soil is important because without it there would be no plants and without plants we have no oxygen unless your an alein

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Q: How is soil important?
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Why is it important for soil to be acidic?


Why is type of soil important to the plant?

Alluvial soil is important to the plant.

Why is it important for soil to absorb water?

Water is important for soil so that the soil can be health and grow plants!

What are the ways by which soil organisms are important to the farming industries?

soil organisms are important because it is important

Why is Clay important in soil?

It is important to have clay in your soil because clay is fertile

Why Soil Is Important To Animals?

It is important because the animals eat the plants grown out of the soil.

Why are soil organiams important?

soil organisms are important because without the organisms there'd be no plants

Why is soil important to plant and animals?

The soil is important for plants and animals because it helps to decompose.

Why soil is very important part of nature?

soil is important to nature bcoz w/out soil no trees can live... soil is considered to be the most important raw materials in planting aside from seedlings...

Why is water absorption important?

it is important for soil

Why is loosening of soil important?

Soil is important to man because man needs soil to grow crops and plants. If there was no crops or plants the animals would no be able to survive therefore producing no meat for humans etc. Soil is also important for gardening.

How is plants important in earth?

it protect soil from soil erosion