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There is evidence to suggest that life on Earth first appeared around 3.8 billion years ago. However, there likely were periods of time when life faced significant challenges, such as during mass extinction events like the Permian-Triassic extinction around 252 million years ago.

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Q: How long was there no life on earth?
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How long is man on earth?

a man life on earth is basically based on his immunity.

How long ago was there life on Earth?

Millions of years

How long have germs existed?

since the creation of life on Earth.

For how long has been life on earth?

3.8 billion years

How long can life go on?

well as long as earth can stay near but not to close to the sun

What can you do if there is no sunlight?

if there was no sunlight life on earth would not survive for very long.

For how long were prokaryotes the only kind of life on earth?

Prokaryotes were the only kind of life on earth approximately 2 billion years ago. They existed long before eukaryotes ever came into existence at all.

If earth is 24 hours a day How long has life been in place?

Life on Earth is estimated to have existed for around 3.5 billion years. This means that life has been present on Earth for a vast majority of its 24-hour "day."

How long would it take to populate the earth?

It took 4600 million years to populate the earth with the life we have on it today.

How long do you have till you wipe out life on earth?

The earth will not be destroyed. If you want more information then dont hesitate to ask

What was the BBC TV series Life on Earth about?

The Life on Earth series shows the presenter David Attenborough travelling around the globe to cover how life has evolved on the planet. It was 13 episodes long.

Is evolution going to stop?

Evolution is an ongoing process that will continue as long as life exists. As long as organisms continue to reproduce and environments change, evolution will continue to shape the diversity of life on Earth.