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it contains 9 atoms

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Q: How many atoms are in copper nitrate?
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How many atoms are there in a molecule of copper nitrate?

There are nine atoms in Copper(II) Nitrate, six oxygen, two nirtogen, and one copper. The formula is Cu(NO3)2.

How many atoms of copper are found in 1 mole of copper II nitrate?


How many atoms in Cu(NO3)2?

Copper nitrate molecule contain nine atoms.

How many atoms in copper nitrate?

multiply 6 times 10 to the power of 23 [6 x 1023] to the moles of your copper nitrate

How many atoms are in Cupric Nitrate?

9 atoms = 1 Copper + 2 Nitrogen + 6 Oxygen

How many nitrogen atoms are in 10.2 g of copper(II) nitrate?

6.55 x 10^22 atoms

How many atoms of different elements are there in copper2nitrate?

Copper(II) nitrate is Cu(NO3)2 and it has one copper, two nitrogen and six oxygen atoms

How many atoms of oxygen (O) are in the molecule Cu(NO3)2 and 8203?

Copper nitrate has six atoms of oxygen.

What is the ionic formula for lead nitrate and copper sulfate?

With x being lead nitrate, and b copper sulfate. a=atoms, and c=carbon.

How many oxygen atoms are there in a molecule of copper nitrate?

The compound copper nitrate has Cu(NO3)2 for a chemical formula. In that formula, we see that there is an NO3 radical present, and that there are 3 atoms of oxygen in that radical (the sub 3 after the O). But there are 2 of those NO3 radicals (the sub 2 outside of the parens) present in this compound. That means that there are 3 x 2 oxygen atoms in a molecule of copper nitrate, or 6 atoms of oxygen in Cu(NO3)2.

How may atoms of oxygen are present in Cu(NO3)2?

Copper(II) nitrate has six oxygen atoms.

What is the folmula for copper nitrate?

There are two forms of copper nitrate. Copper (I) nitrate is CuNO3 Copper (II) nitrate is Cu(NO3)2

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