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There are 7 bodies(continents) of land that are on earth.

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Q: How many bodies of land are on earth?
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What are the largest bodies of land on earth called?

The largest bodies of land on earth are called continents and there are a total of seven on the earth.

What are the earth's largest bodies called?

The continents are earth's largest bodies of land. The oceans are the Earth's largest bodies of water.

What are bodies of land and bodies of water on earth called?

Bodies of land: * Continents * Islands Bodies of water: * Oceans * Seas * Lakes * Rivers

What is the earth's seven great bodies of land?


How are earth's largest bodies of water and great areas of land divided?

bodies of water?

How many bodies of land are there?

there are seven bodies of land... ashorn♥

What is the largest body of earth?

The largest bodies of land on earth are the continents. Asia is the Earth's largest continent.

One of the seven largest bodies of land on earth?

These are known as continents.

What percent of the Earth's surface is land?

About 30%. The other 70% is bodies of water.

What percentage of the land is covered by tundra?

The Earth is covered by many different landforms, and bodies of water. All of which have their own beaut. Only about 8% of the Earth is Covered by Tundra.

What is most of the hydrosphere?

the part of the land or the earth covered with water bodies. Water covers about 75 percent of the earth.

What is the largest bodies of land?

The largest areas of land on Earth are called continents.