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Annually in the U.S. tornadoes kill about 60 people and injure about 1,000.

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Q: How many deaths and injuries happen in tornadoes?
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How many deaths and injuries do tornadoes cause?

Each year tornadoes cause an average of about 55 deaths and 1500 injuries.

How many tornadoes cause deaths and injuries?

Based on U.S. statistics about 2% of tornadoes cause deaths which works out to about 25 killer tornadoes in an average year.

What is responsible for many of the injuries and much of the damage in a tornado?

Most of the deaths and injuries and some of the damage in tornadoes is due to flying debris.

How many injurys and death are cause per year by tornadoes?

On average tornadoes cause 60 deaths and 1,500 injuries each year.

How many people died on Wednesday April 11 2012 in Texas due to tornadoes?

There were no deaths or injuries from the tornadoes of April 11, 2012. Both of the tornadoes in Texas on that date were rated EF0 and such tornadoes hardly ever kill.

How many deaths and injuries happened in 2012 from tornadoes?

Worldwide injury statistics are not available, but tornadoes in 2012 killed 113 people worldwide. In the United states tornadoes killed 70 people and injured more than 800.

How many tornadoes were in the us?

In 2011 there were 1,626 tornadoes and 552 deaths.

How many deaths have tornadoes caused in 2001?

Tornadoes caused 44 deaths in the U.S. in 2010 and an unknown number worldwide.

How many deaths were there from tornadoes in 2011?

So far in the world tornadoes have killed at least 572 with at least 550 of those deaths occurring in the U.S.

How many deaths resulted from 1967 race riots?

83 deaths and 1,897 injuries

How many deaths resulted from the 1967 race riots?

83 deaths and 1,897 injuries

How many people have lived after a tornado without injuries?

Countless thousands. It is doubtful that data is kept on this. Most tornadoes are weak and rarely cause deaths or injuries even when they damage property. Looking at data from some of the worst tornadoes, such as the Joplin tornado, the number of homes damage or destroyed is far greater than the number killed or injured.