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Well, I don't have a number for you.

I can tell you that in Dentistry we use 3 main types of fluoride for therapeutic use.

NaF also known as sodium fluoride

APF also know is acidulated phosphate fluoride

SnF also known as stannous fluoride

Fluoride may occur in many other forms that I am not aware of, but these are the forms that are used to produce clinical results.

I couldn't tell you how many forms of fluoride there, but if you are concerned that you need fluoride for your teeth, don't worry, If you get your teeth cleaned the recommended twice a year, the dentist should do a fluoride treatment. That is plenty. Also, If you live in the city, you are getting additional fluoride because most cities add a small amaount of fluoride to their drinking water resurves for this purpose, not to mention it helps keep the water you are drinking healthy.

i thought there was like 600 and even more

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Q: How many forms of fluoride are there?
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Is magnesium fluoride molecular or ionic?

Magnesium Fluoride is a molecule of an ionic compound MgF2 It is an ionic compound for Magnesium forms a positive ion of Mg2+ whereas Fluorine forms a Fluoride Ion of -.

Magnesium bonds with fluorine to make magnesium fluoride?

Magnesium forms ionic bonds with fluorine and forms a compound called Magnesium fluoride with formula MgF2 .

Magnesium fluoride formula?

Magnesium fluoride is an inorganic compound used in various forms in optics and telescopes. It has the formula of MgF2.

What is another name for fluoride?

Fluoride is in many products available to the public. Fluoride is also known as Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride, Stannous Fluoride, Hydrogen Fluoride, Calcarea Fluorica, and Atomic Number 9.

How many neutrons does the fluoride ion have?

A fluoride ion has 10 neutrons

When a fluorine atom gains an electron it forms what ion?

When a fluorine atom gains an electron it forms the fluoride ion F-.

How many electrons are in Fluoride-19?

Fluoride-19 has 10 electrons (note fluoride is the ion of fluorine, if you meant fluorine, then fluoride has 9 electrons).

Is fluoride a base?

No, a fluoride is a salt. Note that in dental health many compounds called fluoride are not simple fluorides.

Is ScF3 ionic or covalent?

Scandium fluoride is an ionic compound. It forms an ionic lattice.

How many fluoride ions are present in 175 g of barium fluoride?


How many bonding pairs of electrons in methyl fluoride?

ow many valence electrons in methyl fluoride/

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