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5.839 grams C8H8 ( 1 mole C8H8/104.144 grams)(8 mole H/1 mole C8H8)(6.022 X 1023/1 mole H)

= 2.701 X 1023 atoms of hydrogen


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Q: How many hydrogen atoms are in 5.839 grams of c8h8?
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Is styrene a element?

No, styrene is a molecule with the formula C8H8

What is a polymer of styrene?

This polymer is called polystyrene - (C8H8)n.

What is molecular formula for hydrocarbon styrene?

The correct molecular formula for styrene isC6H5CH=CH2

What is the chemical compounds of styrofoam?

Styrofoam is a form of polystyrene - (C8H8)n.

What technology is involved in making styrene plastics?

Making styrene The basic unit of polystyrene is styrene, which is the product of a two-fold reaction. Ethylene and benzene, in the presence of a such as, form ethylbenzene (C8H8), which is then dehydrogenated (hydrogen is removed) at 1,112-1,202 degrees Fahrenheit (600-650 degrees Celsius) to form styrene (C8H8

Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction that occurs when the hydrocarbon styrene is combusted in air?

C6H5CH=CH2: chemical formula: C8H8 Assuming no involvement of nitrogen: C8H8 + 10 O2 -> 8 CO2 + 4 H2O

What could be a molecular formula for the empirical formula C2H2?

Anything really. C4H4, C8H8, C100H100....

What is polystryene?

Polystyrene is an aromatic polymer of styrene. Its other name is Thermocole. Its molecular formula is (C8H8)n.

What is the difference between kerosene and gasoline?

Kerosene:its structural formula is is a heating fuel.its boiling point ranges 175-325.C.Gasolene:it contains carbon atoms ranging is a motor fuel.Its boilin point ranges 40-220.C

What is this compound called c8 h16?

There are several. Barrelene, Benzocyclobutene, Cubane, Cuneane, Cyclooctatetraene, Semibullvalene, and Styrene all possess that structure. This is so because C8H8 has a lot of different ways to combine. Further info:

Styrofoam is a trade name for polystyrene foam Styrene has an empirical formula of CH It has a molecular mass of 104 amu What is the correct molecular formula for styrene?


What are red solo cups made of?

Plastic.... ... Red Solo Cups are made of #6 Thermoplastic Polystyrene ,chemical symbol (C8H8)n . Other Examples of this plastic are disposable razors and CD cases and sometimes dildos and anal plugs