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Q: How many people die in the biggest hail storm in history?
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Where was the world's biggest hail storm?

Alaska 2002, it killed 20

Where was the world's biggest hail storm Largest hail?

The hailstorm that struck the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas metro area on May. The heaviest authenticated hailstone ever measured was one of 2.25.

What happened in history on the 20th of April?

On April 20, 1888, a hail storm killed 246 people in Moradabad, India.On April 20, 1775, the Boston siege began by the British.

Is there such thing as a hail storm?

Yes there is

What city in new Jersey had a recent snow storm?

Washington Township. Technically it was a hail storm that accumulated a few inches of hail.

Difference between blizzard and hail storms?

A blizzard is a storm with snow, A Hail storm is a storm with (wait for it) Yes hail i.e frozen rain. a blizzard is way stronger a blizzard once hit me it was really strong half of our roof came off and hail, hail can get up to to the size of your hand blizzard chunks are as big as your head

Can you get hit with a hail storm and not die?

Yes. It is actually not very common to die from hail.

When was Canada's largest hail storm?

in 2013

What is the rating system for a Hail storm?

there i none

Where can you go to be safe in a hail storm?


Is hail big in the cloud and becomes smaller as it falls?

through out all the information on hail I have read, it comes to my idea that the size does not change once the hail has been formed. in the related links box below, I posted the wikipeida hail article.the biggest hail recorded in history was a 7 pounder. there is a picture of it in the article.

How do you breed the moon dragon on DragonVale?

There are many combinations that will work, but my five favorites are cold and hail, cold and storm, hail and lightning, hail and storm, and lightning and storm. You have to start breeding the dragons between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.