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Assuming you mean people killed by tornadoes in Tornado Alley, the years 1981-2010 show an average of 14 deaths per year from tornadoes. Nationwide tornadoes killed and average of 56 people per year in the same period.

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Q: How many people die in tornado alley a year?
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How many tornadoes form in the Tornado Alley?

Tornado Alley experiences and estimated 800 tornadoes each year.

How many tornadoes hit tornado alley every year?

Most likely about 700 tornadoes affect tornado alley each year.

Would tornado alley destroy a lot of homes?

Tornado Alley itself is not destructive, but the tornadoes that frequent it can be. The tornadoes in Tornado Alley destroy many homes each year.

How many people die per year in Tornado Alley?

On average tornadoes in Tornado Alley kill about 16 people, but the numbers can vary greatly from one year to the next. Tornado Alley actually accounts for a minority of tornado deaths in the U.S. Nationwide the annual average death toll is about 56. The greatest portion of tornado fatalities in the U.S. actually occur in Dixie Alley, a second region of high tornado activity stretching from Arkansas to Tennessee and Georgia. This region averages 25 tornado deaths per year. While Dixie Alley generally has fewer tornadoes overall than Tornado Alley, it is more densely populated and the tornadoes there tend to move faster.

What time of the year is tornado alley?

Tornado Alley is a region, not a time of year. Tornado season is generally considered to last April through June.

What is the average number of tornadoes per year in tornado alley?

Tornado Alley typically gets about 800 tornadoes in a year.

How many tornadoes happen in tornado ally?

Tornado Alley averages about 700 to 800 tornadoes per year.

What day did tornado alley happen?

Tornado alley is a place that gets a lot of tornadoes every year. It is not an event.

How many tornadoes hit in tornado alley each day?

The area gets 700-800 tornadoes each year, which averages to about 2 tornadoes each day. However, tornadoes do not hit Tornado Alley daily, but often occur in outbreaks. Also, tornado activity is much higher in spring and early summer than other times of year.

Is Tornado Alley always in the same place?

Tornado Alley doesn't really move as it is an area that, over the long term, gets the most and the strongest tornadoes. However, the areain any given year can vary. Sometimes it is in Tornado Alley, and sometimes it is not.

When did tornado alley take place?

Tornado Alley is an area of the southern plains in the central part of the United States that receives a great number of tornado's every year. So it happens every year in late spring to early fall.

Is there ever a tornado in Montana?

Yes. Montana is not in Tornado Alley, but it usually gets a few tornadoes each year.