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it was named after poo no joke

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Q: How many weather stations are there around the world?
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How many weather stations are in the world?

around 30,000

How many weather stations are there in the world?

around 30,000

How many weather stations are there in Europe?


How many radio stations are on the air today?

world wide around thousands

What are weather balloons used for?

Weather balloons are equipped with sensors that make measurements of the wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, and other conditions in the upper atmosphere for weather forecasting and scientific purposes. The collected information is automatically transmitted by radio to meteorological stations in many locations around the world.

How many weather stations are there in New York?

In the New York zip code 10001, there are nine weather stations. Many of them are located in New York but there are a couple that are located in New Jersey.

What is a weather station?

Weather Station is a device that collects data related to the weather and environment using many different sensors. Weather stations are also called weather centers, personal weather stations, professional weather stations, home weather station, weather forecaster and forecasters. For more information or nay queries visit our website at:

How many people use Tidal energy?

Not many, as there are only a handful of tidal energy power stations around the world.

How many police stations are in the world?


How is weather information gathered?

Weather information is gathered by many ways but the ones I know of are:Weather BalloonsRadiosondesAutomatic Weather Stations (AWS)Earth-orbiting satellitesDoppler Radar

What is an example of a mobile weather app for one's phone?

There are many, many weather apps for mobile phones. Some of these include Weatherbug, Storm Shield, Weather Underground, AccuWeather, AppStorm, The Weather Channel and apps from local news and weather stations.

What are some popular brands on indoor outdoor weather stations?

There are many brands of indoor outdoor weather stations. Among the most popular are Davis, RainWise, La Crosse Technology, Oregon Scientific, and Meade Instruments.

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