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It's hard to believe, but if all the gold ever mined was weighed, it would amount to between 140,000 and 160,000 tons. That would be a cube of approximately 62 feet on a side. A cubic inch of gold weighs 11.06 oz.

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Q: How much gold has been mined in human history?
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Is Earth running out of gold?

No. Based on geological surveys and other estimates, only about 5% of the total gold available has been mined in human history. So 95% would supposedly still be there for the taking.

How many cubic yards of gold in the world?

According to the world gold council a total of 165 000 tonnes of gold have been mined in the whole of human history, up until 2009. This has a volume of 8500m3, this woul form a cube with sides of 20.4 metres.

How much gold has been mined?

161,000 tons

Does gold reform after it has been mined out of the ground?

no or yes

In which state has there been the most gold mined?

in the sierra nevadas :)

What is gold and diamonds mined in?

Gold and diamonds are both mined in the earth.

What weighs about 150000 tons?

All the gold in the world. In the entire history of mankind, less then 150,000 tonnes of gold has been mined. Less than three Olympic swiming pool's by voume.

Where in the world can gold be mined or found?


When did gold mine start?

Gold has been mined since ancient times - we have no record of when/where it actually started.

What are three minerals mined in Canada?

Is that mined? Then gold, silver and nickel, zinc, copper are all mined in Canada.

Why ghana call the gold coast?

Ghana is called the Gold Coast because of the massive amount of gold that has been mined from the area.

What was the rush for in Leadhills Scotland?

Lead has been mined here for many hundreds of years. Gold was mined here during the reign of James IV and provided employment for 300miners. Gold has not been profitable for many years.

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