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US nickels were first issued in 1866. I found a coin that sounds just like yours and I got excited, it was in mint condition no less! Then on a hunch, I looked at the coin again. While it says 1803 on the back, it was really minted in 2003/2004 as it says on the FRONT. Look to the lower right of Jefferson's portrait. If you see *2004*, it's worth 5 cents.

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Q: How much is a nickel with two guys shaking hands on the back worth?
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How much is the nickel with the boat on the back worth?

A 2004 Jefferson nickel is still 5 cents. Millions are in circulation.

What is a 1942 nickel worth?

If it's a regular nickel, 5 cents. If it's a silver war nickel (with a large mint mark on the back), $2.

What was a nickel in cents back in the 1930?

It was worth 5 cents same as today.

How much is worth a 2 dollar bill 1953a?

A lot bcuz a dime or nickel was worth a lot back then

How much is a 2007 nickel with Monticello on the back worth?

Millions are in circulation, just spend it.

What is the value of a nickel that the back side is blank?

A nickel's value is not voided due to worn surface. It should still be worth 5 cents.

What is a 1937 Buffalo Bill nickel worth?

Buffalo Bill never appeared on a U.S. nickel. A 1937 nickel has a picture of a Native American chieftan on the front, and a buffalo (animal) on the back.

What is the value of a 1945 US nickel with a P on the back?

That's a silver war nickel, containing 35% silver, and it's worth at least $2.

1945 nickel with an S stamped on the back above the building What is it worth?

ten thousands dollars

What is the value of a 2004 Lewis and and clark nickel with the back struck upside down?

The back of ALL U.S. coins is upside-down in relation to the front. Your 2004 nickel is worth 5 cents.

How much is a 1891 Indian head nickel worth in okay condition?

Indian Head Nickels (with a buffalo on the back) were only minted from 1913 to 1938, so I have to assume you have something else -- perhaps a Liberty Head Nickel (with a big "V" on the back)? A well-worn 1891 Liberty Head Nickel is worth about $3.00

What is a US coin with a V on the back?

That would be known as a "V" or Liberty nickel. The V is the roman numeral for 5 because the nickel is worth 5 cents.