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Power plants fired by coal produce many pollutants (SOx, NOx, radiation, particulate, Mercury etc.) the amounts vary by the size and fuel used at the site (not all coal produced the same contaminants).

See the Links for data on typical coal plants.

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Q: How much pollutes does an average coal plant produce in 1 day?
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How much energy does a coal plant produce?

A coal plant can produce different amount of energy. It depends on the size of the plant.

Does a nuclear plant produce more than a coal plant?

Not necessarily

Why should you not use coal?

pollutes environment

What is coal fire power plant?

A power plant in which coal is burned to move generating turbines to produce electricity.

What are some disadvantage of clean coal?

Some disadvantages of clean coal is that it pollutes the air.

Which of the following statements describes a problem associated with Europe's coal?

it pollutes air when burnedIt pollutes the air when burned

What is coal fired power?

A power plant in which coal is burned to move generating turbines to produce electricity.

What is the use of coal to geothermal power plant?

A geothermal power plant does not use coal to generate energy. Coal would be superfluous.

What does coal do to the air?

coal pollutes the air by smoke and it burns easily plus cows eat grass

What are some good and bad about coal?

The good about coal is that it is a source of energy while the bad is that it pollutes air.

Why would you use wind rather than coal as an energy source?

because coal pollutes and we have unlimited wind

Is a coal power plant or nuclear power plant better?

Lets start off with the dangers of both Coal and nuclear power plants: A coal power plant pollutes a lot of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which is causing global warming and climate change. A Nuclear power plant can lead to a meltdown which can kill from radiation exposure, but does not pollute any CO2's. So in short a Nuclear power plant is 1% to 50% better than a coal power plant.

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