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A large truck would produce as much as pollution as 150 cars!

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Q: How much pollution does a truck produce?
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What is the main advantage of using dams to produce electrical energy?

They do not produce much pollution.

How much pollution does Cherokee fruit and ice produce?


How much pollution does an average factory produce a day?

sorry- no such thing as an "average factory". It depends on what they make, and the controls they have in placed. Some factories produce NO pollution.

How much air pollution is produced?

True or false? Factories produce less air pollution than motor vehicles?

Why might an area that does not produce much pollution have acid rain problems?

Because the wind may carry the pollution from elsewhere

How much pollution does the creation of a soda bottle produce?

for exaple one can of 330ml.

How much of the world's pollution does japan produce?

A lot because of Tokyo JApan

When making jewelry how much pollution does it produce?

Making Jewels don't create much pollution as compared t other pollution sources... It creates many gases when melted,heated as well as freezes.It is a unpopular source of pollution

How much pollution does the production of one new car produce?

In one year, the average car produces about 7.7 tons of pollution.

Does coal cause noise pollution?

no it does not produce noise pollution

How much pollution is made from a nuclear power plant?

Nuclear plants produce no air pollution, but they do produce nuclear wastes that must be disposed of, but they are usually buried deep underground so as not to contaminate groundwater.

How much pollution does a car produce?

An average car produces about 7700 kg of co2 a year.

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