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This is why AGW doesn't work. Relative humidity in atmosphere has been dropping since the 1940's.

as a reference

700 mb=10,000 ft

600 mb=13,000 ft

500 mb=18,000 ft

600 mb=23,000 ft

700 mb=30,000 ft

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Q: How much will Hpa drop with altitude?
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What is barometric pressure at 6000 ft altitude?

At the altitude of 8,000 ft (2,438 m) the pressure is 1,572 pounds per square foot or 75 kilopascals.

Sea level rise for every 10mb drop in air pressure?

....a decrease of barometric pressure by 1 hPa may cause a ~1 cm rise in sea level.... (1 hPa=1 mb) or (1 hectoPascal=1 millibar)

What does 1025.79 HPA mean?

hPa is hectoPascals, the unit of atmospheric pressure. 1026 hPa is relatively high pressure.

What paintball air system functions best in the wintertime?

HPA or high presure air, CO2's pressure fluxuates too much. Thus making your shots drop and rise, and you will have no consistant accuracy. -shanie

What effect does altitude have on engine thrust at a constant rpm?

Thrust would drop as altitude goes up.

Can you put HPA on a Tiberius T9.1?

Yes, the T9 will work fine with HPA.

On what is the altitude for the 850 hpa height option?

It's approximately 1500m and is generally used in weather forecasts. In reality it varies slightly depending on the temperature and is calculated using the Hypsometric equation.

What does hPa means in terms of pressure in weather?

hPa stands for Hectopascal preasure unit this is the international unit for measuring atmospheric or barometric pressure.1 hPa = 100 pascalsStandard atmospheric pressure = 101325 pascals = 1013.25 hPa

What does it means HPa?

hPa is a hectopascal. It is the equivalent of 1 x 10^2 Pascals.

When was Roman Catholic Diocese of Hpa-an created?

Roman Catholic Diocese of Hpa-an was created in 2009.

What does hpa stand for in barameter?

1 hectopascal (hPa) ≡ 100 Pa ≡ 1 mbar and also: standard atmospheric pressure is 101,325 Pa = 101.325 kPa = 1013.25 hPa = 1013.25 mbar

Why is it hard to breath on the top of a mountain?

Answer: Because the percentage of oxygen in the air is not as much as it is at sea level. When higher altitude is attained, oxygen levels drop. Hope this helps.