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Roughly, very roughly, the oceanic crust appears and is subducted in roughly 160 million year cycles.

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Q: How often does the oceanic plate of material of the earth renew itself?
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Oceanic plates diverge?

When oceanic plates diverge an underwater earthquake is the result. Oceanic earthquakes often result in disastrous Tsunamis.

What is the melted material beneath the Earth's surface?

This material is most often referred to as magma.

Who is the titan who held the earth?

In Greek Mythology the Titan that held the heavens from the Earth was Atlas. But often in art he is depicted as holding the round Earth itself on his shoulders.

As part of a human culture is religion material or non material culture?

Religion itself is not part of the material or non-material culture. However, various artifacts and ecofacts can be related to religion: these are part of the material culture.

What do earthquakes often occur along?

The edge of the oceanic and continental plates.

When are island arc volcanoes formed?

The island-arc volcanoes are formed from the subduction of an oceanic tectonic plate under another tectonic plate, and often parallel an oceanic trench.

Did the earth parts move by natural disasters?

No it did not it did it by itself. however there would have been earthquakes often during tectonic shift

What does permability?

Permeability in fluid mechanics and the Earth Sciences (commonly symbolized as ?, or k) is a measure of the ability of a porous material (often, a rock or unconsolidated material) to allow fluids to pass through it.

When huge sections of the Earth collide what do they produce?

The huge sections are called tectonic plates. When they collide this is called a convergent boundary. Usually one plate is oceanic and one is continental, and the oceanic plate is forced down in a subduction zone. This forces the continental plate up, giving rise to mountains and often volcanoes.

What often occurs where an oceanic plate pushes under a continental plate?

This usually is where and how mountains ranges are formed. Volcanism can also result from the subduction melting of the oceanic crust.

A location on Earth where each type of plate boundary is present?

There are three types of convergent boundaries: oceanic-oceanic, oceanic-continental, and continental-continental. An example of continental-continental is the San Andreas Fault in California. An example of oceanic-continental is the Peru-Chile Trench. An example of oceanic-oceanic is almost anywhere in the ocean. Because the tectonic plates are continuously moving, although they may be moving slowly, new boundaries are formed often. Thus, oceanic-oceanic boundaries are constantly forming. A specific example would be in the western Pacific Ocean. There is a tangle of arcs in the Indian Ocean; there's also the Caribbean and South Sandwich Island arcs.

What is the effect when an oceanic plate meets a continental plate?

the oceanic plate subducts under the continental plate and then melts in the mantle and often will create volcanos along the conitinental plate.\