How strong was hurricane ike?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was powerful enough to destroy my hometown of Galveston....It was a Cat:2 when it made its landfall on the Texas coast. It was at category 4 strength when it reached peak intensity.

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Q: How strong was hurricane ike?
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Was it after Hurricane Ike hit that Hurricane Katrina hit?

No. Ike came after Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was in 2005. Ike was in 2008.

Is hurricane ike over?

Yes. Hurricane Ike dissipated in 2008.

What was the hurricane after hurricane Ike?

The next Atlantic hurricane after Ike was Kyle. However, the next named storm after Ike was Tropical Storm Josephine, which did not reach hurricane strength.

When did hurricane Ike end?

hurricane ike enden on the 8th of september 2008

Is hurricane Ike a current hurricane?

No. Hurricane Ike formed and dissipated in 2008, nearly 4 years ago.

Who was blamed for hurricane Ike?

The Government was the blame for Hurricane Ike cause there was no actual villian

Was Missouri hit by hurricane ike?

Missouri was affected by the remnants of Hurricane Ike. Missouri can get hurricane remnants, but not actual hurricanes.

Was hurricane IKE a bad hurricane?


How much damage did hurricane Ike cause?

Hurricane Ike cause about $37.6 billion in damage.

What do people of Texas have to prepare for as hurricane Ike hits landfall?

hurricane IKE hit already!

If Hurricane Ike hits Miami when is it likely to be?

if hurricane Ike hits Miami it will be around Tuesday evening

What was worse hurricane ike or Katrina?

hurricane katrina was worse from its damage ike had a lot to just saying